CheerpJ Enables World’s Most Powerful Professional Cloud Video Platform To Run As A Browser-based HTML5 Application

Our Client

Blackbird is the world’s fastest, most powerful professional cloud video editing and publishing platform.

Their fully-featured, high-performance editor is accessed through any browser as an HTML5 web application, is easy to learn and needs only 2 Mb/s of bandwidth to use. Blackbird provides rapid access to video content for the easy creation of clips, highlights and longer form content that can then be published to multiple devices and platforms.

Their global clientbase includes IMG, A+E Networks, Sky News Arabia, NHL, Riot Games, Arsenal FC, Peloton and the US Department of State.

What the project entailed

Blackbird plc has pioneered professional cloud video editing and have developed their sophisticated cloud-native editor in Java. Their strategy for global adoption requires that this runs without configuration or installation on client computers – and these days, to make that possible with modern browsers means it needs to run as a browser-based HTML5 application.

Using our CheerpJ Java to WebAssembly and JavaScript compiler , we were able to provide an automated tool in order to convert Blackbird’s Java application into a combination of WebAssembly and JavaScript, so that it could be integrated into a modern, browser-based HTML5 web application.

Following the first implementation, our technical team not only continued to make improvements to our own environment to enhance performance, but also made helpful suggestions about potential optimisations on the Blackbird side.

The Result

Blackbird now provides a browser-based version of their cloud application as standard. CheerpJ has enabled Blackbird to migrate the majority of their legacy clients to the new application and access the world’s fastest, most powerful cloud video editing and publishing platform directly from the browser on a wide variety of devices.

Blackbird has a long term maintenance agreement with Leaning Technologies, with guaranteed development time, and we look forward to supporting them on their journey.

“Leaning Technologies coupled their clear ability to extend their toolset to support the ultimate software challenge – real-time professional video applications – with an unwavering determination to achieve the level of perfection required. After an intense but relatively short period, Blackbird was able to ship our JavaScript product to clients globally.”

  • Stephen Streater, R&D Director, Blackbird plc

What is CheerpJ?

CheerpJ is a drop-in replacement for the JVM in HTML5, capable of running any Java Application, Applet and Library on modern browsers.

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