CheerpJ is free to use for personal projects, most non-commercial applications and for technical evaluations.

CheerpJ Licenses


CheerpJ is free to use for personal projects, most non-commercial applications, and technical evaluations.

Find out more about our Community License here.


For any organization using CheerpJ in any commercial application, internal business application, or for any non-evaluation need.

For further details regarding the Commercial License read the FAQs below or please contact us.


For academic, public sector, educational, or non-profit organizations.

If you want to find out if your organization is eligible for this license please contact us.

What does the Commercial license allow?

Commercial liencesees can:

  • Host CheerpJ on their servers (self-hosting)
  • Access dedicated pre- and post-sale support
  • Access to the development team for in-depth support, consulting, and feature prioritisation
  • Request support agreements with guaranteed time to first response

Have Any Questions?

Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

CheerpJ is licensed on a per-application basis – you will need one licence for each application where CheerpJ is integrated.

Yes, you can self-host CheerpJ with any commercial licence, or if you are performing a technical evaluation for one.

Yes, you are allowed to host CheerpJ on more than one server (e.g. if you have a load balancer), including using a CDN, within the scope of one individual CheerpJ licence.

Yes, you can self-host CheerpJ on an air-gapped environment with any commercial licence.

Licences are annual subscriptions, with multi-year and perpetual options available.

We are happy to discuss custom licensing models, including per-user (rather than per-application), in any appropriate use case. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss further.

The CheerpJ licence includes software updates throughout the validity of a licence (or for a period of 4 years, in the case of perpetual licences). Standard support is included with any Enterprise licence.

Standard support, bug fixes and updates are included with licences and are offered by default with no agreed service levels (no guarantee of response time). 

Custom Support Agreements can be set in place with agreed-upon service levels (time-to-first-response).