Extend the life of Java Applets

CheerpJ is the only solution on the market to preserve access to Java Applets on modern browsers.

Modern Browsers

CheerpJ runs Java Applets by replacing the Java Desktop installation, adhering to modern web standards, ensuring compatibility with Modern Browsers.

Enhanced Security

By eliminating the need for Java plugins, CheerpJ significantly reduces security risks associated with running Java Applets.

No Java Desktop and Plugin Dependency

CheerpJ eliminates the need for Java browser plugins and for a Java installation. It replaces them with a client-side JavaScript library running sandboxed in the browser.

Preserve mission-critical applications

With CheerpJ, organizations can preserve their mission-critical Java Applets without being forced into a costly re-write.

A replacement for Java Desktop

Java Applets normally require users to install a Java Runtime Environment (JRE), configure a legacy browser, and deal with maintenance and security concerns.

CheerpJ eliminates these hurdles by replacing the Java Desktop installation with a browser-based JVM replacement, executing sandboxed within the browser. CheerpJ can be integrated client-side, as a browser extension, or server-side, as a JavaScript library added to the page.

Using CheerpJ with Java Applets

CheerpJ is integrated to your existing Java Applets without changes to the applet code, either via a browser extension, or with a simple server-side integration.

Thoroughly test and debug the converted applet on various browsers to ensure its smooth functionality.

Once you have validated the converted applet, deploy it on your web server, making sure to update any HTML pages with Java Applets to integrate CheerpJ.

Thanks to CheerpJ, users will experience the same Applet with the benefit of being able to use a modern browser. No training of change management will be required, as the Applet will look and feel identical to using Java.

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A Browser-Based Solution To All Your Java Needs

Replace your Java Desktop requirement with a secure, modern HTML5 alternative.

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