Modernize your Oracle Forms Application

CheerpJ is the only solution on the market that allows Java Applets and Java Web Starts, including those generated by Oracle Forms, to run on modern browsers without a Java Desktop installation.

Modern Browsers

CheerpJ removes the need for a Java Desktop installations, allowing Oracle Forms applications (Applets, Web Starts) to run on any Modern Browsers.

Enhanced Security

By eliminating the need for Java, CheerpJ significantly reduces security risks associated with legacy Oracle Forms applications.

Effortless Deployment

No plugins or configurations are needed client-side, making the deployment seamless. CheerpJ integrates server-side as a simple add-on JavaScript library.


Modernize your Oracle Forms application as-is with CheerpJ, saving your organization the time and money of a full application re-write.

A Game-Changing Java Replacement

CheerpJ offers a game-changing solution for simplifying the client-side configuration of Oracle Forms. By eliminating the reliance on Java Desktop and running Java on the fly in the browser, CheerpJ ensures seamless browser compatibility, improved security, enhanced performance, and effortless deployment.

No Java Plugin Dependency

CheerpJ eliminates the need for Java browser plugins and for a Java Desktop installation.

Modern Web Standards

By leveraging CheerpJ, Oracle Forms inherits the advantages of the modern Web security model.

Implementing CheerpJ for Oracle Forms

CheerpJ is integrated to your existing Oracle Forms application without changes to the Application server or Database, as a simple self-hosted JavaScript library added to the application template.

Thoroughly test and debug the converted application on various browsers to ensure its smooth functionality. CheerpJ has been tested successfully on hundreds of Oracle Forms applications.

Once you have validated the application on a testing environment, roll it out to production as a single upgrade, or in stages.

The user experience will be improved by the use of modern browsers, but will otherwise be unchanged, requiring no training or change management.

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