The complete Java runtime for modern browsers

CheerpJ is the only solution which can run any large-scale, unmodified Java applications, applets, or libraries in the browser. No downloads or plugins required.

The Complete Solution To Run Java On Modern Browsers

CheerpJ is the only solution to run any large-scale, unmodified Java applications, applets, or libraries in the browser.

Why choose cheerpj

Run Java Applications on Modern Browsers

CheerpJ allows organizations to modernise their Java applications by making them usable from modern browsers, without needing a local JVM installation.

It has extensive compatibility with Java 8*, including file access, networking, clipboard, and many other system features. It is compatible with Java Swing, Oracle Forms, Oracle EBS, and any other framework or library. Other Java versions can be supported according to your needs.

*Tested on Oracle Forms, EBS, Swing, AWT and numerous frameworks and libraries.

CheerpJ. A JVM replacement for the Browser


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Legacy Applications

CheerpJ allows organizations to preserve access to legacy Java applications (Applets, JNLPs, and stand-alone applications) by running them on the browser, without requiring a local JVM installation.

It is compatible with Java Swing, Oracle Forms, EBS, and other third-party frameworks.

With CheerpJ, you can remove the requirement for IE and Java on the client, and upgrade the accessibility and security of your application.


Modernise your Java Application to HTML5


With CheerpJ Organisations with products based on Java can migrate applications to HTML5 or the cloud with minimal or no effort, making them accessible from modern browsers, without a local Java installation.

CheerpJ allows a fully automated, full or partial migration of an existing Java client to a browser-based web application.

Integrate Java libraries into your web application

CheerpJ allows web developers to integrate Java libraries and components in native web applications.

CheerpJ is a browser-side JVM replacement in WebAssembly and supports seamless interoperability with HTML5/JavaScript.


Here Are the Most Frequent Questions

Here Are the Most Frequent Questions

CheerpJ can run Java Applets, Java Web Start applications, stand-alone Java applications (including Swing), and Java libraries, on any modern browser that supports WebAssembly.

CheerpJ is the only full Java Runtime Environment for the browser, extensively compatible with Java SE and equipped with a full build of the OpenJDK JRE. By using CheerpJ, you will not need to modify your application – it will just work on any browser, without a local Java installation.

You can use CheerpJ in two scenarios:

  1. To preserve and improve access to existing legacy Java applications, including third-party ones, in the form of Java Applets, Java Web Start, or standalone. With CheerpJ, you can extend the life of mission-critical Java content, improve its security, and eliminate the need for legacy browsers and Java Desktop installations.
  2. If you are a developer, to modernise existing Java applications into web applications, without rewriting them. CheerpJ allows you to use existing Java either to develop a full application, or to preserve parts of the application (e.g. the client-side business logic) with a new HTML5 UI, breathing new life in your application with minimal investment.

Yes. CheerpJ is used by many organizations worldwide to run Oracle Java-based products, such as Oracle Forms and Oracle E-Business Suite, on modern browsers. This includes several Fortune 500 companies as well as local and federal government agencies.

CheerpJ is a full JVM in WebAssembly, running client-side within the browser sandbox. It has no native or server-side components. As such, it benefits from the Web security model, drastically improving the application security profile compared to standard Java applications.

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What People Think About Us

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