Run your Java Application in Modern Browsers

CheerpJ is the best solution on the market to improve access to Java Swing Applications, by making them accessible via modern browsers.

Modern Browsers

CheerpJ removes the need for Java on the client, enabling Java applications to run on all Modern Browsers.

Enhanced Security

By eliminating the need for Java plugins, CheerpJ significantly reduces security risks associated with running Java Applets.

Effortless Deployment

CheerpJ enables Java Swing applications to be accessed instantly through a web link, similar to any other web application.


By bringing Java Swing applications to the web, CheerpJ enhances accessibility.

Game-Changing Accessibility

CheerpJ addresses the challenges of bringing Java Swing applications to the web by offering a seamless solution that leverages HTML5 and JavaScript. It is a technology that compiles Java bytecode into highly optimized JavaScript, allowing Java applications to run directly in modern browsers without the need for plugins or complex configurations.

No Java Plugin Dependency

CheerpJ eliminates the need for Java browser plugins and for a Java installation.

Integration Possibilities

CheerpJ allows Java Swing applications to seamlessly integrate with other web technologies and APIs, expanding the application’s capabilities.

Implementing CheerpJ for Java Swing

CheerpJ is integrated to your existing Java Swing Application without changes to the Application server, with a simple server-side integration.

Thoroughly test and debug the converted application on various browsers to ensure its smooth functionality.

Once you have validated the converted application, deploy it on your web server, making sure to update any references to the Java application in your HTML files with the CheerpJ-generated JavaScript.

With the converted application running smoothly, consider leveraging modern web technologies to enhance the user experience.

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