Accessing Oracle forms without Internet Explorer: Enter CheerpJ and WebAssembly

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The CheerpJ JNLP Runner browser extension is the only solution that can run JNLP files in the browser, without a Java Desktop installation. No downloads or plugins required

Oracle Forms has long been a popular platform for building enterprise applications in the Oracle database ecosystem. However, compatibility issues can arise when running Oracle Forms applications on modern browsers that no longer support the Java Plugin, or without a local Java installation.

This blog post explores the challenges users face of these applications and introduces the CheerpJ tool as a potential solution to overcome these obstacles.

The Compatibility Challenge of running Java clients

Java client applications such as Java Applets and JNLP / Java Web Start are the most common delivery methods for Oracle Forms-based applications. These require a local Java installation, and the integration with a legacy browser, usually Internet Explorer, or Edge (IE mode).

This forces organizations who are relying on these applications to maintain a legacy dependency stack of old browsers and Java installations that is difficult to maintain, and poses serious security concerns.

CheerpJ: The Bridge to Modernize Oracle Forms Applications

CheerpJ provides a solution to seamlessly run Java applications, including Oracle Forms, within modern web browsers. It accomplishes by providing an in-browser, on-the-fly conversion technology to JavaScript and WebAssembly, enabling seamless execution on any browser without the need for plugins or a local Java installation.

Advantages of Using CheerpJ

  1. Cross-Browser Compatibility: CheerpJ enables Oracle Forms applications to run on all major web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and, Edge. This ensures a consistent experience for users across different platforms.
  2. No Java Plugin Dependency: As CheerpJ converts Java bytecode into JavaScript, it eliminates the need for Java browser plugins and for a Java installation. This eradicates the security risks associated with outdated Java installations and streamlines the deployment process as well as maintenance.
  3. Modern Web Standards: By leveraging CheerpJ, Oracle Forms inherits the advantages of the modern Web security model.

Implementing CheerpJ for Oracle Forms

Integrating CheerpJ into your Oracle Forms is usually a very simple process:

  1. Integration: CheerpJ is integrated to your existing Oracle Forms application without changes to the Application server, either via a browser extension, or with a simple server-side integration.
  2. Testing and Debugging: Thoroughly test and debug the converted application on various browsers to ensure its smooth functionality.
  3. Deployment: Once you have validated the converted application, deploy it on your web server, making sure to update any references to the Java applet in your HTML files with the CheerpJ-generated JavaScript.
  4. User Experience Enhancement: With the converted application running smoothly, consider leveraging modern web technologies to enhance the user experience.


Oracle Forms applications face compatibility challenges when running on modern browsers, due to the deprecation of the Java plugin. However, with the advent of CheerpJ, organizations can breathe new life into their Oracle Forms applications, enabling seamless execution on modern web browsers.

By converting Java bytecode to JavaScript and WebAssembly, CheerpJ offers cross-browser compatibility, eliminates the need for Java plugins, leverages modern web standards, and improves performance. With the integration of CheerpJ, organizations can enhance the user experience, increase productivity, and ensure their Oracle Forms applications remain accessible to users across various platforms.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of web technologies, CheerpJ presents a powerful solution to address the challenge of running Oracle Forms without Internet Explorer, paving the way for a seamless transition into the modern web era.

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NEW! Run Java Web Start in the browser

The CheerpJ JNLP Runner browser extension is the only solution that can run JNLP files in the browser, without a Java Desktop installation. No downloads or plugins required

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