Accessing Oracle EBS without Java

NEW! Run Java Web Start in the browser

The CheerpJ JNLP Runner browser extension is the only solution that can run JNLP files in the browser, without a Java Desktop installation. No downloads or plugins required

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) remains a cornerstone for organizations across various sectors, including the enterprise and government sectors. While Oracle’s cloud-based solutions are evolving rapidly, the company is dedicated to supporting EBS until 2034. This commitment allows organizations to continue maximizing their investments in EBS and facilitates its extended use in the future.

Oracle EBS relies on Forms technology, which traditionally utilizes Java on the client-side for operation. The common approach to accessing Oracle EBS has been through Java-based clients, such as Java Applets or Java Web Start Applications (JNLP files). However, with the depreciation of Java Applets in modern setups, organizations face a pressing need to find alternative methods to launch Oracle EBS applications via Java Web Start.

Workarounds and Limitations

Finding workarounds for launching Java Web Start without a local Oracle Java installation has proven to be challenging. Some organizations explore options such as utilizing OpenJDK with IcedTea or other open-source Java Web Start implementations. However, these alternatives often lack enterprise support and come with associated risks, making them less attractive in the enterprise sector.

Other approaches attempt to execute Java UI server-side or through browser extensions combined with native Windows installers alongside local Java installations. Despite these strategies, issues related to scalability, access to local resources, and integration with client-side applications persist.

Using CheerpJ to Enable Access

CheerpJ emerges as a compelling solution to the dilemma of accessing Oracle EBS through Java Web Start without requiring a local Java installation. Leveraging WebAssembly and modern technologies, CheerpJ serves as a Java runtime for modern browsers, enabling the execution of Java client applications seamlessly on any modern browser without plugins or the need for Java installations.

The CheerpJ JNLP Runner, a browser extension compatible with Chrome and Edge browsers, acts as a conduit for launching Java Web Start applications without a Java installation. Through this extension, any JNLP file download triggers the running of the Java Web Start application on a new browser tab, utilizing the embedded CheerpJ JVM. Following extensive successful testing involving hundreds of users and organizations, including large enterprises, the CheerpJ JNLP Runner has proven its reliability.

Validation and Conclusions

CheerpJ offers a comprehensive solution by providing a full Java Runtime environment for modern browsers, effectively addressing the challenge of running existing Java Web Start applications. This innovative tool can be seamlessly integrated as a browser extension on recent versions of Chrome and Edge or incorporated directly into Java application servers, offering flexibility in deployment options.

With over 180,000 users and organizations worldwide leveraging CheerpJ in various industries and the public sector, the tool has gained substantial traction and validation in the global market.

How to Try and Where to Find CheerpJ

To experience the benefits of CheerpJ and access Oracle EBS without Java, individuals can install the CheerpJ JNLP Runner browser extension available for Chrome and Edge browsers. Alternatively, organizations can explore the option of self-hosting and deploying CheerpJ through Group Policy Objects or equivalent means for broader adoption.

In conclusion, CheerpJ stands out as a game-changer in the realm of Oracle EBS access, providing a seamless and efficient solution for organizations looking to transition away from local Java installations and embrace modern browsing technologies.

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NEW! Run Java Web Start in the browser

The CheerpJ JNLP Runner browser extension is the only solution that can run JNLP files in the browser, without a Java Desktop installation. No downloads or plugins required

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