Run Java Applets in the browser

The CheerpJ Applet Runner extension allows you to run legacy Java Applets on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge without having to install Java. Try it for free.

CheerpJ Applet Runner

Run Java Applets without Java Desktop

A modern, secure solution to run Applets

Applets without Java Desktop

Run Java Applets without a local Java installation, all within your browser.

Runs on Modern Browsers

Compatible with Chrome and Edge, runs securely within the browser sandbox.

Easy to Use

CheerpJ Applet Runner is a one-click solution available to both end-users and organizations.

Battle Tested

Based on CheerpJ, a JVM replacement in WebAssembly and JavaScript, tested on thousands of Java applications, and trusted by many of the world largest private and public sector organizations.

Extensive Compatibility

CheerpJ supports networking, file systems, access to the clipboard, Swing/AWT and generally most Java 8 features.

Cost Effective

CheerpJ Applet Runner is a simple, economical solution to preserve access to your legacy Java client applications, without incurring a costly migration process.

Legacy Applications

CheerpJ allows organizations to preserve access to legacy Java Applets by running them on modern browsers, without requiring a local JVM installation or any software installation.

Using The CheerpJ Applet Runner is simple. Install the extension, visit your Applet-based website, and enable the extension by clicking on its icon on the upper right corner of your browser!


Improve access and security


Using the CheerpJ JNLP Runner improves the security and compliance profile of your organisation.

Once installed and enabled, your Desktop machines will no longer need to maintain an up-to-date Java installation and legacy browser stock. In addition, your JWS application will be running sandboxed within the browser, drastically improving its security profile.

By removing the need for a local Java Desktop installation, CheerpJ also ensures your licensing compliance.


Here Are the Most Frequent Questions

You can find the Documentation for the CheerpJ Applet Runner here.

The CheerpJ Applet Runner is compatible with Chrome and Edge, as well as any other Chromium-based browser.

Yes. CheerpJ is used by many organizations worldwide to run Oracle Java-based products, such as Oracle Forms and Oracle EBS, on modern browsers. This includes several Fortune 500 companies as well as local and federal government agencies.

CheerpJ allows you to keep running any legacy Java Applets that are either impossible or impractical to replace or upgrade, extending the life of your application with minimal investment.

No. The CheerpJ Applet Runner does not have any requirement on the Desktop (and does not need Java to be installed) or on the Server.

Your application can remain unchanged, and you will not need any server side integration.

Yes, we can assist you in self-hosting the CheerpJ Applet Runner so that your organisation doesn’t need to access the Chrome Web Store or the Edge Add-Ons store.

We can provide a self-hostable version of the CheerpJ Applet Runner to any organisation that requires it. Please get in touch with Enterprise Sales if you are interested in this.


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Learn More About CheerpJ

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