Extend the life of Java Web Start (JWS)

CheerpJ is the only solution on the market to access JWS/JNLP applications without a Java Desktop installation, on modern browsers.

Modern Browsers

CheerpJ replaces your organization’s Java Desktop installations, allowing to decommission legacy browsers and costly virtualization solutions.

Enhanced Security

By eliminating the need for Java plugins and Java SE installations, CheerpJ drastically improves the security profile of your Java Applets and Web Starts.

Effortless Deployment

CheerpJ does not require any server-side intervention, and can be deployed either as a browser extension, or as a reverse proxy, making the deployment process simple and efficient.


Supporting your existing JWS/JNLP with CheerpJ eliminates the need to Java Desktop licences, and reduces maintenance and compliance costs.

State-of-the-art technology

CheerpJ is powered by WebAssembly, and provides a fully-sandboxed, browser-based Java replacement for modern browsers. It can run any unmodified Java Client application, such as Java Applets, Java Web Start, and Stand-Alone Java applications. This means that instead of relying on Java plugins and legacy browser configurations, they can be accessed using modern web standards that are universally supported.

No Java Plugin Dependency

CheerpJ eliminates the need for Java browser plugins and for a Java Desktop installation and licence.

Modern Web Standards

By leveraging CheerpJ, JWS/JNLP inherit the advantages of the modern Web security model.

Implementing CheerpJ for Java Web Start

CheerpJ is normally integrated into your existing JWS application either as a browser extension (compatible with Chrome and Edge), or as a server-side integration similar to a reverse proxy.

CheerpJ does not require any change to your Application Server, Database or Network architecture.

Within a matter of minutes, you will be able to test run CheerpJ on your existing, unmodified JWS application, using any modern version of Chrome or Edge.

Once you have validated the behaviour of your JWS applications, you can chose to deploy CheerpJ either as a browser extension to all of your Desktop fleet (which is normally achieved via GPOs), or as a server-side integration (in which case no GPO will be necessary). Our engineering team will be able to guide you through either process.

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