Oracle Forms

Solutions for all your Java Desktop needs

Replace all your Java Desktop requirements with CheerpJ, a browser-based JVM replacement.

Preserve access to your Oracle EBS, Applets, and Java Web Starts, and modernise your Oracle Forms applications with a modern, secure, HTML5 solution. CheerpJ is the ultimate solution to run any Java Application in Modern Browsers, ensuring unparalleled accessibility and compatibility.

Oracle Forms

Modernize your Oracle Forms-based application by integrating CheerpJ, and seamlessly run it on modern browsers without a Java Desktop installation.

Oracle EBS

Run Oracle EBS forms (Applets, Java Web Starts) on modern browsers, with no Java Desktop installation.

Java Applets

Preserve access to mission-critical Applets on Modern Browsers, ensuring cross-browser compatibility and enhanced security.

Java Web Start

CheerpJ allows your organization to run Java Web Start applications on modern browsers, without a Java Desktop installation.

Java Swing

CheerpJ facilitates the migration of Java Swing applications to the web, ensuring smooth functionality, cross-browser support, and improved user experience.